Thoughts that get drowned, and lies that become breath of life. Internal conflicts with a part of our self, a stranger, that grew inside us. The same need to satisfy our egos, to fool in order to fulfil that part, so we can feel alive. A stranger who drive us, an ally and enemy, ready to kill every hope for light inside the darkness which tries to drown us and hide, ready to pull us to the abyss and feed the monster we have inside us.
Oddious’ music started as a recording project and evolved into a band with various collaborations and musicians. Since then the band has performed numerous gigs and has changed several lineups.
Oddious’ music features psychedelic guitars, heavy riffs and complex bass lines set in a polyrhythmic dark motif. The band compositions are either instrumental or they subsume ethereal female vocals. Their esoteric lyrics along with the unworldly sonic landscapes the band creates, along with their heavy attitude sets a peculiar and promising musical venture.
Oddious, is an alternative post rock band formed by Alex Savvidis (guitars and lyrics) and Evan Stromatias (bass) in Athens, Greece. Oddious formed in 2003, by Evan and Alex which met in university, as a consequence of identical musical interests and influences.
 Watch the teaser video of «Stranger» here